Skywatcher Heritage 130P

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Skywatcher Heritage 130P Review:

This model of telescope is pretty well designed, it’s aesthetically pleasing look means it will fit right at home in your house, it’s got a 130mm diameter for it’s primary mirror, a 650mm focal length, at it’s maximum height capacity (extended) it’s 69.5cm in length, at it’s shortest range (collapsed) it’s a compact 46cm.

It’s highest power is x260, it also allows 30% more light gathering than the 114mm, overall this telescope has some really nice features it’s extremely precise, it makes the ideal gift for someone’s birthday or christmas present and is a great all round telescope for first time buyers or for advanced sky watchers, you can stare into the sky for hours with this telescope and look at the moon or the planets.

The Flextube technology also makes this telescope super easy to carry around, this is ideal for people who want to store it in a back pack and take it out to their favourite night time spot, there aren’t many accessories you need with this kind of scope, just a good table to sit it on, it comes fully assembled but you will still need to fit the eye scopes and finder, if you really want to get the most out of this scope then take a look at higher end lenses which will improve your viewing experience.

tick Ideal telescope for first time buyers.

tick Comes almost fully assembled so you can get using it very quickly.

tick Perfect for all age ranges to use.

tick Can shrink down in size to fit in a backpack or in the boot of your car.

tick The red dot finder makes it super easy to find the planets your searching for.

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